Call Jen for a great Ellenbe Massage in Geneva or Sycamore, IL (630) 492-0828

Massage Therapy


Call Jen for a great Ellenbe Massage in Geneva or Sycamore, IL (630) 492-0828

Our Massage Modalities

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofacial Release Cupping, Sport Massage, Prenatal and Warm Stone

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We'll Customize your Massage: 

• Young Living Essential Oils • Farm House Fresh •

• Hot Steamed Towels • Aromatherapy • Salts • Scrubs • Lotions •

• Biofreeze • Warm Stones • Himalayan Salt Stones • Mud •

• Body Polish • Time Extensions • More…


Ellenbe Signature Massage

Swedish Relaxation

A full body massage that gently and rhythmically relaxes soft body tissue, alleviates tension and contributes to your overall well being. This therapy features a lighter touch and long flowing strokes to assist with deep relaxation. Includes a complementary bonus feature that you select from a monthly list of rotating customizations.

60 minutes for $85

90 minutes for $115

Field of Dreams

Scalp Massage

Fall into your field of dreams as you are helped to relax with an aromatic pillow for your eyes, face rejuvenation massage, hot steamed towels and a dry scalp hydration. Our scalp massage features coconut oil and your choice of lavender or peppermint essential oils. This uplifting therapy releases mental tension and restores serenity.

30 Minutes for $50

Mind, Body and Soul

Neck & Shoulder Massage

Come relax and de-stress while you refresh your mind, body and soul with a neck and shoulder massage featuring hot steamed towels and your choice of essential oil.

30 Minutes for $50


Neuromuscular Therapeutic Massage

Joint & Muscular Massage

This massage specifically targets joints and muscular pain relief through the use of appropriate pressure to trigger points and deep tissue. Neuromuscular therapy uses deep pressure to ease muscle soreness and tension to address problematic areas to soothe and release pain.

60 Minutes for $105

90 Minutes for $135

Exclusive Therapeutic Spa & Pamper Experience

Start with a relaxing sixty minute Swedish Relaxation or our Neuromuscular Swedish Massage and then build your Spa experience by adding two or three rejuvenating enhancements:

__ Hot Towels Treatment for your hands and feet

__ Hot Towels Treatment for your face

__ Aromatherapy eye pillow

__ Scalp Massage (Peppermint or Lavender)

__ Aromatherapy

__ Muscle Soothing Therapy featuring Biofreeze

75 Minutes $110

90 Minutes $125


A Mother’s Journey

Only available after the first Trimester

We celebrate you as a mother and the incredible journey you have chosen. We lend you the support that you need to care for yourself as you care for your baby with a calming, pampering treatment designed to ease discomfort associate with pre and post pregnancy. This modified therapy, combined with a luxurious moisturizing treatment improves circulation, eases muscle discomfort, calms the nervous system, increases positive energy and promotes peaceful sleep.

60 minutes for $105

90 minutes for $135


Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy


An innovative full-body, muscular massage using warmed Himalayan Salt Stones and medium to deep pressure to melt away tension. This therapy includes warmed coconut oils and the aromatherapy of your choice.

60 Minutes for $115

90 Minutes for $145


Body Wholeness Therapy

Muscle Referral & Muscle Disfunction Areas

Our wellness & elemental massage addresses problem areas with therapies focused to address chronic tension and discomfort related to stress, injuries or trauma. A custom designed combination of sports massage, stretching, cupping, trigger point and Myofacial Release will be tailored to and target your specific areas that need focused attention.

Note: We do not diagnose medial conditions but rather bring massage therapy to previously diagnosed conditions.

60 Minutes $105

90 Minutes $135

Detoxification Therapy

Releasing Toxic Stagnation

Massage cupping therapy is a form of therapeutic body work that helps deep tissue by using reverse pressure to life tissue rather than compression. The suction is for rapid release, detoxification and relaxation of the soft tissue by reducing tension, excess fluids, reduces stagnation and restriction in problem areas. Cups do leave circular marks on the skin that can last up to 1-2 weeks following treatment, this detoxifying the body.

60 Minutes $105

90 Minutes $135

Call Jen for a great Ellenbe Massage in Geneva or Sycamore, IL (630) 492-0828
Call Jen for a great Ellenbe Massage in Geneva or Sycamore, IL (630) 492-0828
Call Jen for a great Ellenbe Massage in Geneva or Sycamore, IL (630) 492-0828
Call Jen for a great Ellenbe Massage in Geneva or Sycamore, IL (630) 492-0828

About Jennifer
our Ellenbe LMT Director:

Jennifer has nine years of experience ranging from a top spa, medical office and running her own business. 

• National Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Body Work.

• Illinois Licensed 

• Associates Degree in applied science in Massage Therapy

• Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

• Specializing in pain management & sports injury massage Therapy.

• Experienced Spa Therapist.

Dedicated Spa Treatment Rooms
Ellenbe features Farmhouse Fresh & Organic Lotions for our Massages
Ellenbe sells and features Young Living Essential Oils in our Massages

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Call Jen for a great Ellenbe Massage in Geneva or Sycamore, IL (630) 492-0828