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The tan you’re looking for and it’s sunless! Get a gorgeous tan, fast with no smell, no streaks and no orange. And we’re your NO SWEAT tan.


We invite you to enjoy the best in personalized sunless airbrush tanning from your local Be-Tan Studio. Give us fifteen minutes and you’ll look better. You’ll feel better. And you’ll love that your tan is your no worries sunless UV tan. The Mayo Clinic calls it a “practical alternative” to UVs.


Let us introduce you to our Be-Tan team of talented artists and technicians—Niki, Anna, Bekah

We’ll help you experience and enjoy the best in custom airbrush tanning. At Be-Tan we provide you with a custom range of never orange professional tanning solutions adjusted for your unique skin type. 


We invite you to call today to arrange for the natural, healthy and customized tan that’ll help you look and feel your best.  


Call or text or email to discuss your
Be-Tan appointment in Geneva, IL or in Sycamore, IL.


If you’re new to airbrush sunless tanning then we insist that you do your research and compare to find out why our sunless tans beat the competition.” Want the whole Be-Tan story? Visit


Our Be-Tan Menu of services 

Personalized Airbrush Tan* $45

Five-Pack: Buy four get one free Punch Card

Neck & Face Tan $15

Chest, Neck & Face Tan $25

Legs Only $25

Professional Airbrush Makeup Applications, too...

Ask for our recommendations for our preferred extend-a-tan lotions. (Prices subject to change please verify current pricing with your Be-Tan Sunless Spray Artist).

Be-Tan Header - Your Custom Spra Tan Studio

 Tan Checklist 

Be-Tan Pre-Tan & Post-Tan Checklist
Our Custm Spray Tan Space & Integrated Changing Room
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